Policy analysis

RES Integration
On behalf of the European Commission and in collaboration with Öko-Institut Freiburg, the policy consulting unit prepared a study on the integration of electricity from renewable energy sources into the grid and into the market. Regarding grid integration, eclareon analysed issues in the context of grid connection, grid operation and grid development. With respect to the integration of renewables in the markets, Öko-Institut considered the respective market and support scheme design. The 27 National Reports encompass a deep research and analysis of the existing legal framework and the actual situation in the 27 EU Member States, an evaluation of the National Renewable Action Plans and the formulation of recommendations for each country. The RES Integration final report, which assesses the main issues to RES-E integration across Europe, was presented at a final workshop on 7 December 2011 in Brussels. Read more...

eclareon participated as a consortial partner in the project “Assessment of non-cost barriers to renewable energy growth in EU Member States” (AEON) on behalf of the European Commission, analysing barriers to the deployment of renewables in diverse fields, including permitting of infrastructure, integration of renewables in district heating and power grids, building policies, training, technical specifications in financial incentives and other barriers. eclareon contributed to the methodology and the research design, and authored the surveys for Austria, Germany, France, Ireland and Spain, available at

Renewable Energies Cluster Hamburg
Together with Nexmex Consultancy based in Hamburg, in 2010 we advised the City of Hamburg in defining and implementing a regional clean-tech industry cluster, including the initiation of a competence network “smart energy solutions in the urban environment” involving key players from engineering, building, electronics and energy industries as well as universities and scientific institutions. The cluster presents its activities at www.erneuerbare-energien-hamburg.de (in German only).

EDL 2006/32/EC
In this EU-wide research project managed in 2009, we analysed the status of implementation of the European Directive 2006/32/EC on energy end-use efficiency and energy services in 26 EU member states. This project  focused on the legal and institutional framework for implementation and on the status of implementation. At the request of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), which commissioned this research, special attention was paid to Articles 5, 6 and 13. The results are not public.

GROSOL Legal analysis
In 2009 we participated in drafting an in-depth report about possible improvements of the legal framework conditions for large-scale solar heat systems, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. The report describes the current framework conditions and formulates alternative policy recommendations. The results are not public.

This project promoted by the European Commission deals with the improvement of the political framework conditions for the use of biomass. Cooperating with 8 national energy agencies, eclareon authored a “Best Practice Report”, including a detailed benchmark analysis. www.bapdriver.org

PV Policy Group
In this project which was supported by the European Commission, we were subcontracted to analyse policy strategies and regulatory frameworks concerning the national deployment of PV systems. We summarised our assessment in a report which was submitted to 10 National Energy Agencies; the European Photovoltaic Industry Association and a Consultancy that were part of the consortium. www.pvpolicy.org

Feasibility analysis of a net metering model for small PV installations in Spain, commissioned by the Spanish Ministry of Energy (IDAE)
The study is aimed to perform a technical, legal and economic analysis about the feasibility of a net metering system for domestic PV systems in Spain. eclareon had to identify the best way to implant it and analyze its possible impediments.