RES Integration

The EU's renewable energy directive requires several changes to the management and development of the electricity grid - covering guaranteed transmission rights, priority access, dispatching, charging regimes and grid development obligations. On behalf of the European Commission, eclareon and Öko-Institut have assessed Member States' implementation of this article of the Directive (Article 16). Our consortium surveyed Member State practice and evaluated the process of integrating renewables into the electricity grid and market.

Regarding grid integration, eclareon analysed issues in the context of grid connection, grid operation and grid development. With respect to the integration of renewables in the markets, Öko-Institut considered the respective market and support scheme design.

The deliverables of this project are:

  • 27 National Reports which encompass a deep research and analysis of the existing legal framework and the actual situation in the 27 EU member States, an evaluation of the National Renewable Action Plans and the formulation of recommendations for each country. Read more...
  • RES Integration final report which assesses the main issues to RES-E integration across Europe. Read more...


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